Best of Omar Khairat music

The Egyptian virtuoso musician Omar Khairat is one of the most prominent Arabic composers, his musical influences range from Arabic and European classical, Egyptian, African and traditional to jazz, pop and blues.

He was born in Cairo in 1949 and belongs to an artistic family. His uncle the composer Abu Bakr Khairat, was the founder of the Egyptian Conservatory institution.

Khairat drummed for the Egyptian band Les Petits Chats, founded in 1967. They presented Italian, French and English songs.

Khairat is widely known as Egypt’s premier composer for big and small screens.

He has composed for over 50 films, including ‘The Night of Fatima’s Arrest’ (1984), ‘Uncle Ahmed’s Case’ (1985), ‘Black Honey’ (2010) and many others. Khairat performs his film work regularly in concerts within and outside the Middle East, bringing Egyptian cinema to an international audience.

His orchestra features the Middle Eastern oud and qanun prominently, in addition to other western mainstays and himself always on the piano.

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  1. Egyptian Music : Omar Khairat ( The Broken Sail 2)
  2. Omar Khairat - Al Ayam 'The Days'
  3. عمر خيرت - حنين
  4. موسيقى عمر خيرت الرؤيا
  5. Omar Khairet, Fatma, con. Adel Shalaby عمر خيرت - فاطمه باوركسترا المانى قيادة عادل شلبى
  6. Fi Hawid El Leil - Omar Khairat فى هويد الليل - عمر خيرت
  7. عمر خيرت - عم احمد
  8. عمر خيرت _ عفوا ايها القانون
  9. Omar Khairat Music - موسيقى عمر خيرت - خلي بالك من عقلك
  10. امتى الزمان موسيقى عمر خيرت
  11. موسيقى 100 سنة سينما - عمر خيرت وصاحبة السعادة


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