Beethoven Sonata No 23 “Appassionata” Mov3 – Valentina Lisitsa

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa plays the third movement of Beethoven Sonata “Appassionata”.

Valentina Lisitsa is not only the first «YouTube star» of classical music; more importantly, she is the first classical artist to have converted her internet success into a global concert career in the principal venues of Europe, the USA, SouthAmerica and Asia.

she has recorded the complete works for solo piano by Tchaikovsky. Some of the works have just recently been rediscovered and were never recorded before.

Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 is considered by many, including Beethoven, to be one of his greatest sonatas.It consists of three movements, composed in 1804 at the peak of Beethoven’s creative phase, but it wasn’t named the ‘Appassionata’ (meaning “passionate” in Italian) for another 30 years when a publisher needed to shift copies of a four-hand transcription of Beethoven’s explosive and dynamic sonata. When these ‘add on’ names properly fit the music, they have a habit of being universally adopted, which is exactly what’s happened to the this Sonata.

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