Best Lara Fabian’s songs

Lara Fabian, the 1988 Eurovision entrant for Luxembourg who went on to become an internationally renowned artist, Singing in eight languages but mainly in French, she is also considered a talented songwriter, having written tracks for other popular artistes including Nolwenn Leroy and Chimène Badi. She is also famous for having given her voice to the character of ‘Esmeralda’, in the French remake of the film, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’. 

Pop singer/songwriter Lara began singing, dancing, and taking piano lessons at a very young age. she was born in Belgium in 1970 (age 49 years) and later moved to Montreal and began her own label and publishing company, Productions Clandestines. She has a vocal range that spans three octaves in live performances. Today, She is one of the best-selling Belgian artists of all time, With more than 20 million albums sold worldwide.


Best Lara Fabian’s songs : 

1- Je suis malade

“Je suis malade” is a french song by French singer and songwriter Serge Lama. It was covered by Lara Fabian (in 1994) and became one of her most famous songs. The song is about losing a loved one presumably a lover, and losing the will to carry on with life. it is a terribly depressing song, and yet it is so beautiful. Discover more about “Je suis malade” song.



2- Caruso

Multi-national singer Lara included The Italian song “Caruso” on her “En Toute Intimité” album (2003). She also gave a virtuoso performance of it as part of her 2003 Tour. Discover more about “Caruso” song.


3- Adagio

This is originally a piece of classical music, Tomaso Albinoni’s “Adagio in G Minor”, transformed to a pop song with Lara Fabian’s wonderful voice. Discover more about this adagio and other beautiful adagios. 


4- Immortelle 

“Immortelle” is a french song from Lara’s second live album and seventh album in total.



5- Je T’aime

“Je t’aime”  is Lara fabian’s most famous song. It was written by Lara Fabian (lyrics) and Rick Allison (music) and was first released by Lara Fabian in 1997. 



6- You’re Not From Here


7- Ecoutez Je t’aime encore


8- Choose What You Love Most 

It is the second single from album “CAMOUFLAGE” (released on October 6th 2017).



9- Love by grace

This ballad was a smash hit in Brazil, due to the inclusion of the song on the soundtrack of the soap opera Laços de Família.



10- Broken Vow

In this song, Lara sounds like a hurt and betrayed woman who’s angry with the one who betrayed her and also angry with herself for letting him go.



11- Si tu m’aime

It is from “Pure” album.



12- J’y Crois Encore

It is from Lara Fabian’s fifth album “Nue “, This album was in the French language.



13- Tu Es Mon Autre


14- La différence

The anti-homophobia anthem “La Difference” from 1997’s Pure album which sold over two million copies.



15- Perdere L’amore


16- I Guess I Loved You


17- Deux ils Deux elles

“Deux ils, deux elles” (English: Two He, Two She) is from Lara Fabian’s album “Le secret”. She has chosen it to announce the release of her album Le secret. This song is an ode to gay and lesbian love, and was premiered three months ago on the occasion of the French national demonstration in favour of the same sex marriage. It also debuted at number one on the French charts.



18- I will Love Again

Lara Fabian may be known more in US for this song. It is a timeless track, one of the greatest dance tracks of the 2000s. 



In 2019, Fabian released her 14 studio album, Papillon (butterfly). It has 11 beautiful Europop/electronic tracks about love, transformation and the fleeting nature of life.

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