12 Best opera songs ever

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If you’re a newcomer to opera world or just looking for some recommended recordings of the best opera songs ever written, prepare your self to become an aficionado of the aria.
Here are 12 arias of the best opera songs ….


Best opera songs:


1- Nessun dorma aria from the opera Turandot – Puccini

Nessun dorma (none shall sleep) aria was made famous by Pavarotti and has become an iconic number for dramatic Productions. It is an incredibly emotional aria, that for the passion and precision he poured into it.


2- Largo al factotum aria from the opera The Barber of Seville – Rossini

Largo al factotum (Make way for the factotum) aria is sung at the first entrance of the title character. The character who sings it Figaro, where he is quite assured of his abilities and describes his popularity and his many talents with this song. This aria is considered one of the most challenging operas for a baritone to perform.


3- Un Bel Di Vedremo aria from the opera Madama Butterfly – Puccini

Un bel dì vedremo (One fine day we’ll see) aria is sung by Madama Butterfly in the second act of Giacomo Puccini’s tragic opera, ​Madama Butterfly. And it’s absolutely one of the best opera songs.

Madama Butterfly’s servant pities her and repeatedly tells her that her husband is never going to come back, but Madama Butterfly believes differently. She sings this aria as she envisions that day her husband’s ship arrives into port, and how she’ll see it through the window in their home that sits high atop a hill.


4- Queen of the Night aria from opera The Magic Flute – Mozart

It is also known as “‘Der Hölle Rache”. It’s the second aria from mozart’s Queen of the night opera and a high mountain to climb for even the best vocalists in the world. In this aria, The terrifying character queen of the night actually pushes her daughter to murder a rival.


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5- Ombra mai fu aria from the opera Serse – Handel.

The opera was a commercial failure, lasting only five performances in London after its premiere. In the 19th century, however, this aria Ombra mai fu (Never was a shade) was rediscovered and became one of Handel’s best-known pieces.


6- Je Veux Vivre aria from the opera Romeo et Juliette – Gounod

This is Juliette’s first aria, and she sings it after her nurse yet again brings up the fact that she has to get married to Paris. It is a celebration of the fact that love has not yet come to her. In this famous and brilliant waltz song, the girl innocently revels in her heartfree state, which is so soon to change.


7- Libiamo ne’lieti calici aria from opera La Traviata – Verdi

Drink from the joyful cup that’s the message of this drinking song about a man who sings to his love after lengthy illness. It comes in the first famous opera songs (arias) and sets the stage for jolly times and pure romance. It was featured on the Simpsons series also.


8- Voi che sapete aria from opera The Marriage of Figaro – Mozart

A composition by late Mozart, is sung in the second act of the famous comedy opera by Mozart “The Marriage of Figaro”. The character who sings it is Cherubino. This aria conveys all the intensity of new love.

9- Quando m’en vo’ soletta aria from opera La Bohème – Puccini

It is also known as “Musetta’s Waltz”, is sung in the second act of the famous comedy opera by Puccini “La Bohème”.The character who sings it is Musetta. She sings it in the presence of her bohemian friends, hoping to reclaim the attention of her occasional boyfriend Marcello.


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10- O Mio Babbino Caro aria from the opera Gianni Schicchi – Puccini

Our list of best opera songs must include “O mio babbino caro” (“Oh my dear papa”) aria, it is the ultimate song when Daddy doesn’t approve of your boyfriend. It was designed for lady kiki character to express her love even her father gets in the way.


11- La donna è mobile from opera Rigoletto – Verdi

“La donna è mobile” (Woman is fickle) aria is indispensable to a tenor’s repertoire.

The character who sings it is The Duke character in opera Rigoletto, to express his opinion that men should not take ladies very seriously! He thinks that they are totally unreliable and false.


12- Habanera aria from the opera Carmen – Bizet

It is also known as “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle”(“Love is a rebellious bird”). It expresses mad love that can take a beautiful turn or simply ruins everything.

The character who sings it Carmen When soldiers ask her when she will love them and she replies with this aria.


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