Iconic song “At Last” – Etta James


This iconic song “At Last” is probably the one Etta James is most known for. It embodies joy, romance and triumph. 

The great blues and soul singer “Etta James” had one of the definitive R&B-blues voices, a unique, rasping soulfulness that infused everything she sang.

This song was written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Sun Valley Serenade (1941). However, Etta James arrangement for this song was in 1960.

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تشتهر مغنية البلوز إيتا جيمس بالأغنية الأيقونة “At Last” بمعنى “أخيرًا” التي تجسد الفرح والرومنسية والانتصار. قُدمت هذه الأغنية لأول مرة في فيلم (Sun Valley Serenade (1941 أما نسخة إيتا فقد سجلها في عام 1960.



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