Lang Lang plays Clair de lune on a boat along the Seine in Paris

Lang Lang wowed tourists in the ‘City of Love’ on Valentine’s Day 2019 as he gave a unique album launch concert in Paris on a boat cruising along the Seine, performing pieces from his new album, Piano Book, such as the French classic ‘Clair de lune’ by Claude Debussy.

With ‘Piano Book’, Lang Lang goes back to his first love – to the pieces that made him want to become a musician in the first place. “I dedicate this album to my wonderful piano students and all my friends around the world who love the piano as much as I do.”

Rediscovering the most popular and accessible pieces written for learners and lovers of the piano, this album is a journey of inspiration, of discovery, fantasy and learning. ‘Piano Book’ gathers together many of the miniatures that generations of amateur pianists have grown up with. Lang Lang holds them in the highest regard, believing them to be classics in their own right. He wants to encourage piano students across the world to fully appreciate them. Enjoy the video of this famous poetic piece along the landmarks of Paris by night.

The romantic piano piece Clair de lune, meaning moonlight, was written by the Impressionist French composer Claude Debussy when he was just 28. It takes its name from Verlaine’s poem “Clair de lune”. It is actually the third and most famous movement of the four-movement work Suite Bergamasque

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